New Zealand Yoga Champions

What a journey the last month has been! Before then I had no idea you could compete in yoga. Fast forward four weeks and I place 2nd in New Zealand. It’s wild. A truly incredible journey. A journey of self discovery and acceptance

We sat down at Bikram Birtomart and listened to what it involved. I wasn’t really sure if this was going to be something I could even imamgine doing. Standing in front of a room of people. All eyes on. Nothing to hide behind like usual. Just me, my body and my mind. 

The training was intense to say the least. Practicing everyday with Monday/Wednesday set aside for champion classes. Friday night intermediate class followed by advanced on Saturdays. There were days were I could hardly move but forced myself into the studio. As soon as you hit the mat, life worries seem to dissaper and it’s simply just you! Although the class is full off other students I have finally learnt to switch the mind off and just be in the moment. Yoga has been an gift to me in so many ways. I have gained so much confident over the past two years, fought inner demons, accepted what I can’t change and learnt to love my flaws and talents. 

I’ve learnt to clear my mind of the chatter, the anexity, the fear and just get on with it. A friend messaged me a few days ago saying “I had changed”. It got me thinking- was I horrible before? In what way had I changed? Then it clicked. I have changed. I’m connected. My mind and body have decided to stop fighting each other and work as a team. My mind no longer fears the unknown rather questioning if it is right or wrong! The anexity has gone! The demons that I caught with have been accepted as  the things that have made me stronger. The people I’ve surrounded my self are truly special. The love I have been given has been insane. I can feel it with all my being. Yoga has truly been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. 

This weekend we headed off to Dunedin to compete in the New Zealand Yoga Champions. A weekend I will never forget. There were so many laughs shared, hugs, glasses of wine raised, praise, support. The list goes on. I went with (a finally) opened mind. The training had been done, the hard work put in. Sweat, blood and tears (all literal)!! 

It was the most insane thing I’d ever done in my life. Being a competeive swimmer for 11 years felt like a walk in the park compared to the longest three minutes of my life of a yoga routine.. All eyes on me. The poses, the focus, the drive and finally peace! It’s crazy to think that I came 2nd in New Zealand in yoga. Never did I think when I started my yoga path 2 years ago that I would be sitting here writing this! 2nd. Crazy! Nuts! Insane! 

It’s a journey for life and a life of journeys! 



Fathers Day Reflections

As I stroll through social media today it’s packed with posts and shout outs to the best dads out there. The men that have changed their children’s lives. Shaped who they have become. Taught them life lessons. Been there in the good and bad moments of life. 

It’s taken 16 years to finally accept that I don’t have one but I’m fortunate enough to have a grandfather and uncle who have been the ones to shape me into the man I have become. I have listened to their wise words, looked on at how the conduct themselves in this world. Learnt valuable lessons from them. Spent time with them through the highs and lows of life. Not a role they were given as a “father figure” but one they have taken upon themselves and done it with style and honour. 

The practice of yoga has taught me to accept the things I don’t have and bless and release the negativity/pain I had harboured. Spending a lot of time in my own mind, dealing with the anexity and panic of it all, it’s yoga that’s helped me to understand these emotions and deal with them accordingly. A place I can go to and forget the hurt that occurred at a young age and the uncertainly I would become a man. But I guess I’ve turned out ok thanks to them. 🙂 

Not one to publicly express emotion but a shout out is required to these two amazing people in my life on a day like today.